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These are NOT available online. Please see any coach for a copy of this summer’s calendar.

Registration for 2018 football

Click HERE to fill out the registration form. If you have more than one player, you’ll need to fill it out once for each. This form ensures you’ll receive team communications and that the coaches have contact info and tshirt/short sizes for your player


All players must have a valid physical in order to take the field for spring practice, summer conditioning, and in season. If you are a current player, your coaches will inform you if your physical needs to be updated during the season. If you are a NEW player, you’ll need to provide a current physical.

Click HERE for the printable forms. Please fill these out in advance and SIGN. *Remember* When in doubt, FILL IT OUT! 

From SFHS Re: physicals


1)   Make sure the athlete AND parent/guardian sign ALL papers in ink

2)   Note that there are 7 pages – ALL are required

  1. The pre-participation exam has 4 pages, two of which require parent/guardian signatures
  2. Concussion awareness form, requires parent/guardian signatures
  3. Blanket Fieldtrip form, requires parent/guardian signatures
  4. Participation form, requires parent/guardian signatures and MUST have insurance information.    
  5. Health History form (Page 1) should include date and explanation of any injury/surgery.  Health conditions such as: sickle cell trait and POTs or other cardiac history MUST be marked


Player’s Fees

Player’s Fees were due June 7th. Click HERE to find out more and to PAY ONLINE.



Contact Elizabeth Pehrson (VP Communications) at